Hannity issues massive challenge to Democrats

Fox News’ Sean Hannity has heard about all he can handle on impeachment.

Hannity has grown so tired of the incessant threats, he is now challenging the Democrats to move forward with impeachment.

Enough is Enough

For virtually two years, we have been hearing how Democrats were planning to impeach Trump. The Mueller report gave Democrats more fodder, increasing the calls, but no real action has been taken.

Now, after Mueller’s remarks on Wednesday, dozens of Democrats took to social media to demand Pelosi pull the trigger on impeachment.

Hannity wants them to put up or shut up now. He stated, “Without a doubt, the radical extreme democratic socialist party, they are clamoring for impeachment more than ever before.

“Here is my message to them tonight: Go for it, go for it. I want you to reach for the stars.”

Fear of Failure

To this point, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) insists it is but a few dozen of her fellow Democrats that want to impeach Trump.

However, we know that is hardly the case through social media. Virtually every presidential candidate demanded Congress move forward after Robert Mueller’s resignation statement, and that alone is almost two dozen people!

The newer and more energetic members of the party are getting antsy and some of the old guard have joined them in their calls for action.

Like Hannity, many conservatives want to see the Democrats move forward because they know that Democrat efforts to impeach Trump will immediately fail.

It is for that very reason Pelosi is refusing to budge on her stance of waiting this out. She knows they cannot win, and she is refusing to be the scapegoat for the party come 2020.

The fact is, however, that Dems either need to end this or move forward because the average American is simply sick and tired of hearing their charges without anyone willing to take any action on it.

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