Sean Hannity hitches scooter ride to escape Hanoi traffic jam

President Donald Trump is in Hanoi, Vietnam for a second summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, and as such, a plethora of media figures and reporters made the trip to provide live coverage of the events during and surrounding the consequential meetings.

One of those media figures was Fox News primetime host Sean Hannity, who quickly found that traffic jams can make normal vehicular traffic around the Vietnamese city all but impossible, forcing the popular host to find an alternative mode of travel on the fly, namely on the back of a random person’s scooter.

Stuck in a traffic jam

In spite of the 12-hour difference between Vietnam and the east coast of the United States, Hannity planned to do his weeknight program live at 9 am local time.

Leaving from his hotel at around 7:15 am, he thought he had ample time to reach his set prior to the start of the show nearly two hours later.

Unfortunately for Hannity, The Hill reported that his theoretically short journey from the hotel to the show’s set coincided with the arrival of Kim Jong Un in the city, and traffic slowed to a virtual standstill while that leader’s motorcade worked its way to the hotel in which the dictator would stay.

After waiting upwards of 45 minutes in the stalled traffic, the host and his team decided to catch rides on the back of scooters moving slowly along the sidewalk to finally reach their destination, just in time for the start of the live show.

Hopped a ride on a scooter

Hannity teased the unexpected scooter ride throughout the program, then provided a fuller glimpse as his show drew near the end of the hour.

“Alright, everybody on my staff, crew, they’re all laughing at this, so I figured I’m gonna share it. Takes a little courage to do this, but my commute to the set today — we might not have made it unless I got out of a car and did this … Take a look,” said Hannity.

The video clip showed a street jam-packed with cars and trucks that were barely moving, as well as dozens and dozens of helmeted people slowly weaving their way through the stalled traffic on scooters and small motorcycles.

“The only way to travel, this is it, right here,” said Hannity as he pointed down at the scooter he was riding on the back of. “Otherwise we wouldn’t make the show tonight.”

“Yes, that was our commute,” said Hannity from his set after the clip had ended. He explained the “insane” traffic issue that coincided with Kim Jong Un’s arrival and noted that his team had waited about 45 minutes before abandoning their cars in order to make it to the set on time.

“So, alright, we go Plan B, and then I hopped on the scooter with somebody that just went on the sidewalk, we got here on time,” he added. “Definitely interesting, chaotic.”

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