Hannity: The ‘Deep State’ is about to face a ‘reckoning’

Looking at the most recent headlines, you would think the Trump campaign and the president’s surrogates would be in panic mode — but that is hardly the case.

Sean Hannity, who has supported Trump from day one, broke the news to Democrats that “the world of the ‘Deep State’ is about to be rocked by the FISA report from the inspector general.”

He went on: “the [John] Durham report is now a criminal investigation, I know a lot of what is coming there, too, it will shock the conscience of the American people — all they have done to destroy Donald Trump.”

It’s a New Day

There are several reports on deck that will undoubtedly hurt the Democrats in the very near future. The first of these is the Justice Department’s inspector general (IG) report, which should be out within a few weeks.

Most sources, including Hannity, believe this investigation will blow the door off the Russia collusion narrative, specifically as it pertains to the FISA warrants used to spy on Trump and his associates.

Several legal experts have already stated they believe once this report is made public, we will see why the second investigation has turned into a criminal matter. That investigation is the “origins investigation” being conducted by U.S. Attorney John Durham.

Democrats have been trying to characterize Durham’s investigation as illegitimate, but Durham has an impeccable reputation and has done work on Democrat investigations before. There simply is no way Democrats can make a legitimate excuse for not honoring the results of this investigation.

Perfect Timing

While the IG report is due out soon, there has been no word yet as to when we can expect Durham’s investigation to wrap up.

However, now that it is a criminal investigation, we may start to see witnesses called as well as a grand jury convened, resulting in possible indictments.

It is fairly safe to assume such actions would begin after the new year, which would be right around the time a primary winner is decided.

If that is the case, especially if the nominee ends up being Joe Biden, it will utterly destroy any chance Democrats have of winning this race, just as Hannity has predicted.

The American people are about to find out just how dishonest and corrupt the previous administration was — and it would not be shocking at all to learn all of the criminal actions had the stamp of approval of Barack Obama, who clearly thought he was above it all.

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