Sean Hannity calls Dems and liberals ‘phony’ over emotional tributes to Bush 41

Over the last three days, we have heard some very nice words about former President George H.W. Bush from the liberal media — but it is actually a ruse.

But Fox host Sean Hannity did not fall for it, calling many of the actions and tributes from liberals this week “phony.”

False Tributes

During the memorial service for “Bush 41,” we heard words such as “wonderful human being,” “class,” and “special man” being used to describe the former president.

But the shocking thing is that these words were coming from the liberal media and Democrats, both of whom shredded Bush while he was in office.

Remember, it was not so long ago that President Bush was being accused of sexual misconduct.

That came from a woman who claimed while Bush was sitting in his wheelchair, he touched her inappropriately while posing for a picture.

Democrats and liberals jumped all over it, accusing this “special man” and “classy” individual of actually having sexual intentions toward this woman.

(Everyone seemed to ignore the fact that his hand and arm placement were at the same level he was sitting at.)

Now That He’s Dead

Hannity made the point that most of these individuals only had one purpose for their comments: to portray Bush as the last of a dying breed and to set themselves up to take shots at Trump.

On virtually every channel, they all used Bush as a segue to attack President Trump.

Sadly, only one of these attacks was called out as inappropriate.

When Joy Behar tried to make the transition from honoring Bush to attacking Trump on a recent episode of The View, Meghan McCain immediately called her out.

The debate got so heated, producers had to cut to commercial, but the two could still be seen jousting on set.

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Reports later alleged the Behar even threatened to quit the show if producers could not get McCain “under control.”

Liberals can claim “conspiracy theory” all they want on this one, but the fact of the matter is Hannity absolutely nailed it: they should have been this empathetic toward Bush 41 while he was alive.

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