Hannity: ‘Second impeachment charade was a culmination of five years’ of anger at Trump

“The second impeachment charade was a culmination of five years of never-ending rage and hysteria at all things Donald Trump,” Sean Hannity informed his fans on Friday night.

Appearing on his regular Fox News show “Hannity,” Hannity reacted to the Democrats’ second impeachment of President Donald Trump as well as efforts to use the Capitol breach to silence and even get rid of Republicans who support Trump.

Hannity blasted the left for rushing to judgment about the violence, noting that it has recently come out that one of the rioters was a far-left activist who wore a gas mask, carried a knife, and screamed at others to burn the building down.

“This is why you don’t rush to judgment,” Hannity said, referencing several other instances when the left has done so and been wrong.

Advance notice

Hannity also noted that the FBI and NYPD warned Capitol Police about possible violence days and weeks before it happened, according to NBC News senior officials.

Dozens of people on the FBI’s terrorist watch list were in DC on the day of the riot, according to The Hill’s Joseph Choi on Thursday.

The chief of Capitol police, who since resigned, said he requested National Guard assistance six different times before January 6, despite media reports that he had refused it.

The more information that comes out about the riots, the more people can see that it wasn’t as simple as a bunch of Trump supporters deciding to try to take over the Capitol because Trump got them angry about reports of election fraud.

Shutting down the right

Even more dangerous than believing that false narrative, Hannity said, is how the left is trying to use it to shut down everyone on the right.

“[House Democrats are] attempting to use the Capitol breach to silence all dissent and punish their political adversaries without providing any evidence,” he said, referring to unproven accusations that Republican elected officials aided Capitol rioters and calls for the removal of those that objected to election results.

“They don’t care what went wrong; they don’t care about what pain they inflict on the country,” Hannity said.

“No Republican should go along with” a post-presidency impeachment trial, as some Democrats have suggested they wanted, Hannity insisted. Watch below:

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