‘I’ve always been consistent’: Hannity blasts Cheney for releasing Jan. 6 texts

U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has faced widespread pushback from her own party over her involvement in the House special committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill.

For his part, Fox News personality Sean Hannity slammed the Wyoming Republican for leaking private text messages he and others sent to Mark Meadows, who was serving as White House chief of staff at the time of the Capitol building breach.

“A weak attempt to smear yours truly”

In addition to Hannity and at least two of his colleagues at Fox News, Donald Trump Jr. was among those who reportedly contacted Meadows in an effort to steer then-President Donald Trump toward calling on his supporters to leave the Capitol complex.

Cheney opted to publicly share some of those messages as part of the committee’s push to hold Meadows in contempt of Congress for refusing to cooperate with its subpoena. The House voted 222-208 on Tuesday to approve that measure.

Hannity portrayed Cheney’s latest move as an attempt to further the narrative that the Jan. 6 riot was a planned insurrection under Trump’s direction.

“Last night, in a weak attempt to smear yours truly, and presumably, President Trump, Congresswoman Cheney presented one of my text messages from January 6th to Mark Meadows,” the host began. “I said to Mark Meadows the exact same thing I was saying live on the radio at the time and on TV that night, on January 6th and well beyond January 6th. I’m an honest, straightforward person. I say the same thing in private that I say to all of you.”

He went on to argue that Cheney “doesn’t seem to care” about the truth in pursuit of her anti-Trump agenda.

“Honoring the executive privilege”

According to Hannity, the Republican lawmaker is “interested in one thing and one thing only: smearing Trump and purging him from the party.”

He also took aim at House Rules Committee Chair Jim McGovern (D-MA) for questioning his honesty.

“Hey, Jimbo, I have no idea who the hell you are,” Hannity said. “I’ve always been consistent on January 6th and every other night. If you’d finally turn off fake news CNN once in a while and maybe watch this program, you would know all of this. And then you can stop speaking out of your Adam Schiff-hole.”

Meadows also took the opportunity to address the leaked messages he received during the chaos surrounding the Capitol Hill riot.

During a recent interview with Newsmax, he said: “We don’t condone a congressional committee using really someone who is honoring the executive privilege of the president that I had the honor of serving – and then going out and trying to use the very same information that was nonprivileged to spin a story that would suggest that Donald Trump has something to hide, or that Mark Meadows has something to hide.”

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