‘He’s struggling’: Hannity asserts that Biden is exhibiting signs of troubling cognitive decline

Dating back to the presidential election season, Joe Biden’s frequent gaffes and verbal slip-ups sparked widespread speculation regarding his mental fitness for the task of serving as commander in chief.

According to Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity, the president’s perceived cognitive deficiencies strike him as “a little scary.”

“What am I doing here?”

Hannity’s take on the matter came during an on-air segment on Monday, just days after Biden’s trip to the winter storm-ravaged state of Texas.

In light of the president’s public statements during a speech he delivered while on that trip, Hannity opined that Biden seemed disoriented, even stumbling over the names of several high-profile state officials and leaders.

According to Breitbart, Biden seemed to acknowledge his own limitations, asking at one point: “What am I doing here?”

Multiple flubs and apparent confusion on Biden’s part reignited the debate over whether the 78-year-old’s mindset is adequate for leading the nation. Hannity told Fox News Primetime host Lawrence Jones that he believes Biden is clearly facing significant mental limitations.

“I’m not exactly sure that Joe Biden is in”

“It’s funny because the media was attacking me for saying that Joe looks weak and he looks frail and he’s struggling cognitively,” he said. “Well, every day now, pretty much, when he speaks, when he’s allowed to speak, he’s struggling.”

Pundits and social media users alike have long predicted that Vice President Kamala Harris would assume the role of president in short order, largely due to Biden’s perceived shortcomings on the campaign trail.

While such forecasts were written off by progressive politicos as a conspiracy theory at the time, recent reports reveal that Harris is already taking on an unconventional role — including fielding solo phone calls with top foreign leaders.

As Hannity explained: “I would expect the president, the commander in chief, to be leading our foreign policy, and right now, I’m not exactly sure that Joe Biden is in.”

He went on to tell viewers not to take his word for it, suggesting instead that they look up videos of Biden speaking over the past several years, assuring that they would notice a substantial decline in his ability to form coherent sentences.

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