Hannity unloads on Jim Acosta: ‘A TOTAL FAILURE’

There’s no love lost between Fox News host Sean Hannity and CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta.

But the feud recently hit a new low after Acosta referred to Hannity and fellow host Tucker Carlson as the “chief propagandists at Fox” in a passage in his book, dramatically titled, “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America.” As the feud spiraled, a provoked Hannity trashed Acosta’s low book sales as “A TOTAL FAILURE” as compared to conservative Mark Levin’s best-selling “Unfreedom of the Press.”

Acosta attacks

In an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt to promote his book, Acosta aggressively called out Hannity and Carlson for not inviting him on their prime-time shows, saying, “They’re willing to shoot spitballs from the sidelines like the class clown, but they’re not willing to meet me on the schoolyard.”

In turn, Hannity posted a tweet on Wednesday that simply read, “‘.@Acosta the answer is “no.””

Trading taunts

In another tweet Wednesday and then again on Thursday, Hannity pointed out how fellow conservative talk radio and Fox News host Mark Levin’s new book, “Unfreedom of the Press,” was ranked number one on the New York Times bestseller list several weeks after release while Acosta’s book was trailing in the rankings.

Acosta tweeted back on Thursday, “Somebody help Sean find his glasses. ‘The Enemy of the People’ just made the NYT Best Seller List. Now if only Hannity had the guts to have me on his show. But we already know the answer to that one. #fauxmachoman”

Hannity fired back with a series of tweets on how few books had been sold in comparison to Levin, how Acosta had allegedly been “begging” to come on the show and was even “stalking” his producers for a chance to promote his “sh*tty” book — all of which Hannity characterized as an “#EpicFail.”

Hannity unloads on Acosta

“Jimmy Fake News Acosta, Tell the truth & Tweet out the exact number of books sold!! Bookscan says you sold a little over 6500 books. A TOTAL FAILURE. Mark Levin the #1 book on the NYTIMES list now 4 straight weeks has sold hundred of thousands of books,” Hannity tweeted, and added, “and Bookscan shows he sold nearly 35,000 books last week, his fifth week. This was your FIRST WEEK. #EpicFail again.”

Hannity continued in another tweet: “Fake News Acosta, Mark Levin is kicking your Ass in book sales. Hundreds of thousands of books sold in 4 short weeks. You sold a little over 6500 books in week one. That is an #EpicFail. You work on the lowest rated network in all of cable news.”

“#EpicFail 2. You lie and peddle a hoax for 2 plus years, #EpicFail 3. Stop begging to be on the number one show in all of Cable News, and 618 of the best talk radio stations in the country, again the answer is NO,” he tweeted.

Hannity concluded, “I said I’d gladly meet you alone in the school yard as you asked, but I’m not selling your sh*tty book. Stop stalking my staff, sell your fake news and lies on Fake News CNN.”

It’s a pretty safe assumption that Jim Acosta won’t be appearing on Sean Hannity’s show anytime soon to promote his laughable “Dear Diary”-esque book, if ever.

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