Report: ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ actress Lisa Sheridan died of ‘chronic alcoholism’

Halt and Catch Fire actress Lisa Sheridan passed away in late February in what, at the time, was deemed to be a natural death.

Her autopsy, however, revealed that Sheridan died from chronic alcoholism.

She was 44.

A Tragic Loss

At such a young age, it was a shock for Sheridan to pass away.

At the time of her death, rumors surfaced that her death was a suicide. But both her family and her manager, Mitch Clem, denied that was the case.

“The family has unequivocally confirmed that this is not a suicide,” Clem said. “Any suggestion to the contrary is absolutely, 100 percent unfounded.”

The rumors came largely out of reports that Sheridan had a problem with benzodiazepine, a drug used to treat both anxiety and insomnia.

“Sweet and Gentle”

Sheridan’s death brought an outpouring of support from friends, coworkers, and fans.

She was described by friend and co-star Donna D’Errico as “genuinely sweet and gentle.”

“She was talented and sweet and I’m so sad to hear of her way-too-early passing,” actor Eric McCormack said.

McCormack, who stars on Will and Grace, worked with Sheridan on a short film project. Sheridan played his leading lady.

She will undoubtedly be missed.

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