Nearly half a dozen Texas Dems have tested positive for COVID in days since DC trip: Report

Even more members of a group of Texas Democrats who fled their state last week in order to block an election integrity bill from passing have come down with the coronavirus.

Fox News reports that two more Texas Democrats who made that trip have tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total number of infected individuals up to five.

The background

The group of Texas Dems first boarded a plane from Austin, Texas, to Washington, D.C., last week.

The purpose of the trip was to upend an election integrity bill that Texas Republicans have been looking to push through the state legislature. By not showing up to vote on the measure, this group of Democrats denied the Republicans the quorum — or the minimum number of lawmakers — needed to pass the bill.

While in D.C., the lawmakers met with Vice President Kamala Harris, among other things.

It was just days after that meeting that three members of the congregation were found to have tested positive for COVID-19. Now, Fox says two more can be added to the list.

It remains unclear whether Harris is taking any precautionary measures as a result of coming in contact with the apparently infected lawmakers.

Reports indicate she stopped by Walter Reed Medical Center last week for what the White House has called a “routine” visit, but further details were not released, according to Fox.

The “super spreader”

Now, a number of Republicans have come forward to blast the trip by Texas Dems. Among them is Travis County GOP Chairman Matt Mackowiak.

“Texas House Democrats engaged in performance theater for weeks claiming Gov. [Greg] Abbott [R-TX] was putting lives at risk by reopening the state economy and waiving the statewide mask mandate,” Mackowiak said, according to Breitbart. “Then they flew to D.C. on a private jet stocked with Miller Lite without masks, in violation of FAA rules, and now this farce turned into a super spreader event.”

But some, including Texas state Rep. Brisco Cain (R), are less convinced that these Democrats, who were vaccinated, actually contracted the coronavirus. “I say prove it,” he told Fox, according to Breitbart. Cain went on:

I think it’s an excuse to avoid coming back. They want a reason to do a 14-day quarantine; they don’t want to come back and do their jobs. If they really have it, prove it.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has indicated that he plans to have these Texas Democrats “arrested” when they return to the state, Breitbart notes.

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