Half of America believes election fraud was ‘likely’ to have occurred, poll shows

According to a recent poll from Rasmussen, about half of all Americans — and roughly three-quarters of Republicans — believe it is “likely” that Democrats stole votes or destroyed pro-Trump ballots in certain states in order to help Democratic nominee Joe Biden win the 2020 election, Breitbart reported.

That finding tracks well with other post-election polls that show a substantial portion of the nation’s electorate have lost faith in the electoral system and believe it to be “rigged” in favor of certain candidates over others.

Democrats “stole” the election

The poll surveyed 1,000 likely voters between Dec. 3-6 with a 3% margin of error. The pollsters asked: “How likely is it that Democrats stole votes or destroyed pro-Trump ballots in several states to ensure that Biden would win?”

The results were fairly evenly split and within the margin of error, as 47% believed such cheating was likely while 49% thought it was unlikely. That includes 36% who said such fraud was “very likely” compared to 39% who said such claims were “very unlikely.”

The belief that fraud occurred was most prevalent among Republicans, with 62% of such voters believing it was “very likely” that Democrats had stolen the election. They were joined in that view of “very likely” fraud by 28% of unaffiliated voters and 17% of Democrats.

Mail-in voting leads to voter fraud

The pollsters also asked those surveyed if the massive surge in mail-in voting had worked out or resulted in “unprecedented voter fraud.”

They found that while about 57% of Americans thought mail-in voting went reasonably well, nearly four in ten respondents, 39%, were convinced that mail-in ballots had led to widespread ballot fraud.

That includes 67% of Republicans, 41% of unaffiliated voters, and even 13% of Democrats who suspect that mail-in voting and unprecedented levels of election fraud were linked.

Results were “rigged”

The Rasmussen poll isn’t an outlier either, as similar findings have been reported by other pollsters in the wake of the disputed presidential election.

Between Nov. 8-10, Economist/YouGov pollsters asked a number of registered voters online if they thought voter fraud had occurred in the election and if such fraud had been enough to change the outcome of the race. Overall, 75% of all voters believed there was fraud to some extent — 40% who thought it was sufficient to change the outcome and 35% who thought it didn’t quite reach that level — and only 17% who thought there had been no fraud whatsoever.

Likewise, a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted between Nov. 13-17 found that 68% of Republicans believe the election had been “rigged” in Biden’s favor, a view shared by roughly 33% of independents and 16% of Democratic voters.

Whether the media wants to discuss it or not, a significant portion of the American people, including large majorities of President Trump’s supporters, are skeptical of the reported results and believe that the election was “rigged” and “stolen” and plagued with fraud. Those concerns, if left unaddressed, aren’t just going to quietly disappear.

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