Melania Trump’s hairstylist opens up about first couple’s ‘very loving’ relationship: Report

Throughout Donald Trump’s tenure in the White House, the media has incessantly tried to drive a wedge between the president and the first lady with rumors about their allegedly rocky relationship.

According to the first lady’s hairstylist, however, that characterization couldn’t be further from the truth. The Daily Caller reports that British stylist Lino Carbosiero recently announced that in his experience, Donald and Melania Trump are a “very loving” couple with a strong marriage.

“They really have this little bond”

Carbosiero began working with the first lady in June 2019, according to the Daily Caller. It was during a recent appearance on a British morning show that he was asked to respond to rumors about the first couple’s relationship.

“I see a completely different side to what people try and say about her,” Carbosiero said of the first lady, according to a Daily Mail report cited by the Daily Caller. “She is so warm and considerate.”

Carbosiero said the first lady “constantly asks assistants if they’re OK, if they need a drink. She will hug you, her team love her, they love him too actually,” he added of the president.

“I’ve seen her in her dressing gown and him doing his shirt buttons up, they have a cheekiness together,” he said of the first couple. “They are very loving as well. I’ve seen that, my assistant has as well. So it’s not like I’m making it up.”

Carbosiero continued: “It’s true, they really have this little bond, they giggle and they laugh and it’s really sweet, actually.”

“In their raw state”

As for the reason that Melania Trump often appears to be quiet and “reserved” in public, Carbosiero suggested that’s largely due to the incessant attacks launched against her and her husband.

“I see how they are always so guarded because everyone is always so judgmental in their life. They are judged so much it almost makes them a little bit reserved,” he explained, according to the Daily Mail. “But privately she’s funny and really intelligent and she’s a really lovely person, she’s really funny, got a great sense of humor.”

The hairstylist added: “When you’re working with someone at five in the morning, you see them in their raw state and that’s when you get a really good understanding of what people are like.”

Carbosiero also said that unlike most other celebrities he’s worked with, President Trump is a genuinely nice person who takes the time to get to know his assistants.

Unfortunately, those in the media decided long ago that President Trump is a mortal enemy, thus making Melania Trump an enemy by association. With that, it’s hard to imagine you’ll be seeing this story among the mainstream headlines any time soon.

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