Fox’s Gutfeld shreds Don Lemon for failing to denounce riots until they started ‘showing up in the polling’

After months of shrugging off violence and looting at anti-police protests across the country, Democrats are just now starting to denounce the lawlessness. But according to one Fox News host, their criticisms come too little, too late.

Fox’s Greg Gutfeld humiliated CNN host Don Lemon on Wednesday for putting “polls before people,” the Daily Caller reported.

Gutfeld contended that Lemon only changed his stance on the oftentimes violent protests after they started affecting Democrats’ polling numbers.

“Wake up and smell the arson”

“The rioting has to stop,” the CNN host said Tuesday, as the Daily Caller reported. “It is showing up in the polling. It’s showing up in focus groups.”

According to the Daily Caller, Lemon’s remarks were played on Wednesday’s episode of The Five, where Gutfeld opined: “All it took was CNN’s Don Lemon to get Joe [Biden] to wake up and smell the arson.”

The Democratic presidential hopeful had “called for an end to the violence earlier in the day,” the Daily Caller reported. But according to Gutfeld, it’s a plea that came too late.

“They abdicated the responsibility and now you have anarchy, violence, you have militias, you have defenders of property,” Gutfeld said before turning his attention to his left-leaning co-host Juan Williams, according to the Daily Caller. “Now Juan comes up and he cares because two people were shot last night. Well, that ship has sailed, Juan.”

Gutfeld added: “I was here every day warning this would happen. I said that if something wasn’t done to quell the violence, you’re going to end up with people filling that void.”

Restoring “law and order”

According to the Daily Caller, Gutfeld went on to slam Lemon and his leftist cohorts for failing to address “the violence and the death and the murder” until it was politically expedient for them.

“There is a danger when you put polls before people, which is what Don Lemon did,” Gutfeld said, according to the Daily Caller. “The fact that the news is somehow less important than the polls that it caused, there’s a huge flaw in that.”

As protests continue following the shooting of a 29-year-old Black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin by police on Sunday, President Donald Trump, for his part, has promised to crack down on the violence. But until those on the left start stepping up and toning down their rhetoric, restoring law and order will continue to be an uphill battle.

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