Fox News’ Gutfeld loses it on Juan Williams, tells him to ‘Shut up!’

Fox News’ Juan Williams has gone about as far left as someone can go, and Greg Gutfeld finally lost it.

After Williams continuously cut off other panel members, Gutfeld told Williams to “shut up” or he was going to throw him off the set.

Watch below:

Williams to the Far Left

Pre-Trump, Juan Williams was a reasonable man.

The 2016 presidential election changed all that. He, like every other liberal affiliated with a news outlet, looked for every way to attack Trump.

Williams also openly supported Hillary Clinton as though she was the kindest and most honorable human being on the face of the planet.

As you saw in the video above, most of what he says now is pure fiction.

Jesse Watters even called him out on the fact that everything he said during his rant was absolutely false and not reflective of what actually happened.

The Dog Whistle

At first, it seems a bit odd that Gutfeld was getting so upset with Williams over the term “in the bunker.”

He clearly hit a nerve that literally had Gutfeld very upset.

As the debate wore on, Williams used that term a second time, which is when Gutfeld threatened to throw him off the set.

Williams feigned bewilderment, but Gutfeld was quick to explain. “In the bunker” is a silent nod to Hitler, meaning Trump supporters and those defending him are racists.

That is why Gutfeld was so upset and rightfully so. It will be very curious in coming days to see if Williams continues to use that phrase or backs down now that he knows it hit a particularly offensive nerve with Gutfeld.

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