Report: Two men killed in ‘targeted’ attack while celebrating family member’s birthday

A violent scene played out at a shopping mall in Fort Myers, Florida, on Tuesday night.

Two men were brutally murdered while celebrating a family member’s birthday.

Celebration ends in tragedy

The family was at a local restaurant at the Bell Tower Shops when the shooting broke out.

According to reports, Phyllis Hayden was celebrating her 47th birthday with family when gunmen approached.

Witnesses recalled hearing dozens of gunshots during the melee.

Zacary Hexter, who witnessed the shooting, stated, “We were just at the café when two black males started opening fire on the family and I watched one go down and the other one run.”

Another witness, Denise Mazzitti described the scene afterwards, “It was really scary. There were a couple of dead bodies. They had covered them up already and there were like ten police cars and EMTs.”

According to reports, Hayden’s husband was struck first with a gunshot wound in the chest, at which point her son tried to escape.

As he tried to flee, though, the gunman was able to zero in on him and shot him as well.

Both were pronounced dead.

Victims identified

They were later identified as Kevin Robinson, 56, and Javarcia Riggins, 22.

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In addition to Robinson and Riggins, two more people were wounded during the attack — one by gunshots, the other by broken glass.

Local police believe this was a targeted killing, saying the shooter and the deceased victims knew one another.

The police have yet to identify any suspects.

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