Amid controversy over Trump’s wall, gunman in Mexico takes aim at US border agents across the Rio Grande

The wall at the U.S.-Mexico line will do more than just lock down our border — it will also keep our border agents much safer.

An incident at the Laredo Sector by the Rio Grande proved that point on Wednesday, when someone on the Mexican side of the river fired shots at U.S. border patrol agents.

Scary Wednesday for Border Patrol

While patrolling earlier this week, border agents spotted several individuals close to the border on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande.

One of these individuals reportedly had a firearm that resembled a rifle and opened fire on the agents, who took cover and avoided injury.

Breitbart reported that U.S. Customs and Border Patrol is investigating.

They are being joined by the FBI in their probe.

If There Was a Wall…

This is far from the first time border patrol agents have been attacked by dangerous criminals from south of the border.

Many of these incidents took place at locations where President Trump wants to erect a border wall, a provision that would no doubt help curb the violence facing CBP agents.

But Democrats don’t support Trump’s plan — even amid occasions of violence like these.

Meanwhile, conservatives are left wondering: What is the price tag on a human life?

How many border patrol agents have to lose their life or risk unnecessary injury because Democrats refuse to lock down our borders?

The savings on expenditures from illegal immigration will cover the cost of this wall in just a few years. However, even a single life being lost is far more expensive than the cost of any wall.

It is time for Democrats to wake up and realize there are some very dangerous individuals across that border with very nefarious plans, and only one thing can stop them in their tracks: a solid border wall.

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