Gunman kills four in Mississippi hostage standoff

A 12-hour police standoff with a gunman in a Mississippi home ended with the death of a monster who took his own family hostage.

Tragically, four innocent people were murdered before the authorities barged in with a battering ram and found the gunman fatally wounded on Saturday.

Mercifully, two children were released unharmed. A local television station reported that the suspect killed his wife, sister-in-law, sister-in-law’s fiancé, and a family babysitter.

MS hostage shooter kills 4

The hostage situation ensued after police responded to complaints of a domestic disturbance early Saturday morning at around 2:30 a.m. A standoff followed when the gunman immediately began shooting at police and holed up inside the home, located in the town of Clinton, near Jackson.

The suspect held several family members inside in captivity while exchanging gunfire with police. The shooter was fatally injured during the back-and-forth, although Mississippi Public Safety Department spokesman Capt. John Poulos did not specify if he shot himself or succumbed to police fire.

Police negotiated the release of two children, but 12 hours later found four dead people and an injured suspect inside the home after breaking in with a battering ram. A blast of gunfire was also captured by TV cameras.

All four victims were shot multiple times. They have been identified as 30-year-old Lan Thi My Van, 28-year-old Le Thi My Van, 65-year-old Cho Thi Van, and Phung Minh Le.

“When our officers arrived, they received fire from the suspect. The suspect then retreated into his home, and it is with a saddened heart that I report multiple fatalities,” Clinton Police Chief Ford Hayman told WAPT-TV.

Suspect dead, killed family

Dozens of officers from Clinton police, Hinds County Sheriff’s Office, FBI and SWAT converged on the scene of the carnage. Traces of the horrifying scenario could be seen Sunday in the form of a demolished front door and smashed windows on the house.

The shooter, 34-year-old Nam Le, was arrested and brought to the hospital where he died from his bullet wounds. Jackson-based television station WJTV reported Monday that the Le was a father and an owner of the home.

His Facebook pictures appear to show a happily married man. One photo published by media outlets show the suspect smiling with his wife, whom he later killed in cold blood.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is leading the investigation into the incident, which has been declared an officer-involved shooting.

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