Seattle police are confiscating guns from “risky” persons

It is the ultimate goal for Democrats to grab every gun in America, not assigned to the police or military, and melt them. And some of them would supporting disarming the police.

Now one of America’s most liberal cities, Seattle, is starting to confiscate guns from those it deems to be “risky.”

Grab The Guns.

The King County Courthouse is now home to three new programs, including the Regional Domestic Violence Firearms Unit which will work to take guns from people deemed to be a risk, KOMO reported.

It sounds like a smart move, and no one is suggesting that those who pose a threat to their domestic partners be allowed to have firearms.

But what is happening in this case is that guns will be taken from people with no due process. No conviction in court, just suspicion that they could, at some time in the future, use a firearm to harm someone.

Democrats continue to say they don’t want to take guns from people, and only want “common sense” gun laws, but with this division in Seattle we are approaching “Minority Report” style thought crimes persecution.

The Law.

In 2016 the voters of Washington voted in favor of a law that would allow authorities to take guns from anyone deemed to be a threat to others, called the the Regional Domestic Violence Firearms Unit.

“If an individual’s made threats, if an individual has been volatile, destroyed property, if he’s harmed animals, if he has a history of assaultive behavior, it’s evidence a judge can use for an ERPO,” retired Seattle Municipal Court Judge Anne Levinson said.

Sounds responsible doesn’t it?

That is because it is another step on the road to gun confiscation. Khrushchev, Hitler and Castro did not tell their citizens what their plans were when they first came to power. They did it incrementally with “common sense” laws.

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“There’s not another one like it in the entire country and we’ve already seen they are increasing the number of guns recovered from the most dangerous hands,” Renee Hopkins, CEO of the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, said.

If you think that is where Democrats will stop then you have not followed the history of that party.

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