Kimberly Guilfoyle will join the Trump family for Christmas at Mar-a-Lago

It would appear as though Donald Trump Jr. and girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle have officially taken their relationship to the next level.

The couple confirmed they will be spending Christmas together, complete with children and the President, at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Family Christmas

While doing an interview with “Extra,” Donald Jr. revealed, “So, we’ll be in Palm Beach – my kids, her kid, my family, my father, it’s going to be interesting.”

Guilfoyle’s son is 12-years-old and from her second marriage.

The two were believed to be secretly dating not long after Trump Jr.’s separation was announced from his wife.

That relationship was finally confirmed later in the spring of last year.

Trump Jr. has regularly been photographed leaving her residence, leading to rumors the two are more or less living together.

Trump Christmas

Spending the holidays at Mar-a-Lago is a Trump family tradition.

Even as president, Donald Trump has managed to keep that tradition alive.

This year, the president is expected to head to Florida on December 21 and will leave on January 6.

At this time, however, the White House has not confirmed the dates of the trip or even if the President will be heading to Florida.

This is a much-needed respite for all involved.

Rumors are flying about a coming indictment for Don Jr.

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The president, of course, is staring down the barrel at the impending Mueller report, which at the very least, will likely be embarrassing for Trump, although it seems unlikely to produce evidence of collusion with Russia.

Hopefully, the family will be able to unplug for a few hours and actually enjoy each other’s company as well as the Christmas holiday.

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