Kimberly Guilfoyle will be Vice Chairman of America First, a pro-Trump Super PAC

The official word has finally come down.

Kimberly Guilfoyle has officially left Fox News and joined the America First Pac.

Rumors Confirmed

For days, rumors were flying around that Guilfoyle had been terminated from Fox News.

Then, on Friday afternoon, Fox released a statement that Guilfoyle and Fox had parted ways.

Guilfoyle’s spokesman quickly refuted the news, saying her email was still active and as far as their camp knew, Guilfoyle was still a Fox employee.

Mind you, she was not on the set for the Friday “The Five” episode.

As the weekend progressed, rumors flew as to her next move.

Guilfoyle Set the Record Straight

On Tuesday, Guilfoyle finally made a public statement on the matter.

The delay was no doubt to work out the departure details with Fox News.

After more than a decade at the network, we would think there was some type of severance to be worked out if she was, in fact, let go by the network.

In a tweet, Guilfoyle announced not only her departure from Fox, but also the position she will now be taking.

As predicted, she is now the Vice Chairwoman of the America First PAC.

Already Controversy

The official announcement of her position already has liberals up in arms.

PACs are legally bound to NOT have coordination with political campaigns.

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The web gets tangled here in that Donald Trump, Jr. is a major surrogate for his father and Guilfoyle is his girlfriend.

America First will now be under considerable scrutiny for every move it makes because of that relationship.

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