Guilfoyle: Trump has effectively marshaled private sector in battle against COVID-19

President Donald Trump has quite predictably been sharply criticized by Democrats and the media for his handling of the federal response to the coronavirus outbreak, but one of his top advisers and suggests that his response merely exemplifies why America elected a businessman to the White House in the first place.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, a senior adviser to the president’s re-election campaign and national chair of the Trump Victory Finance Committee, wrote an op-ed for Breitbart in which she asserted that Trump’s business sense, particularly his willingness to cut bureaucratic red tape and work cooperatively with the private sector, is what has made all the difference in the battle against COVID-19.

Unleashing the private sector

Guilfoyle noted that every president faces some sort of major challenge or crisis and, for President Trump, that critical test of leadership has been the ongoing global pandemic caused by the new coronavirus.

Yet, rather than lean on the federal bureaucracy or a government-centered response, he has instead relied as much as possible on the innovative spirit of the nation’s thriving private sector to do more quickly and efficiently what the government cannot easily or rapidly accomplish.

“First, and maybe most critically, President Trump understood the need to quickly unleash the pioneering spirit of America’s private sector businesses,” Guilfoyle wrote. “In coordination with government agencies, the President cut red tape and removed bureaucratic hurdles that were preventing companies from providing solutions and support their communities and customers.”

One sign of this successful effort is the rapid increase in testing capabilities, thanks in large part to private industry’s production of effective tests for the virus. She noted that about a month ago, on March 11, only about 2,500 Americans were being tested every day, while that daily testing number now stands at more than 125,000 and is likely to grow even higher.

Marshaling resources for “war”

Guilfoyle also pointed out that another reason for Trump’s success thus far is the fact that he has treated the pandemic as though it were a war, with doctors and nurses and paramedics on the front lines instead of soldiers. As such, just as he would ensure soldiers had all of the ammunition and gear necessary to fight the enemy, Trump has worked to make certain that our nation’s medical troops are well-equipped with all of the protective gear they need to be combat effective, so to speak.

Another effort highlighted by Guilfoyle is the manner in which Trump, rather than wait on slow-moving cargo ships to transport necessary supplies to the U.S. to then be distributed where needed, has implemented an initiative known as Project Airbridge that uses airplanes to rapidly pick up and drop off those vital supplies within a day or two instead of weeks or months.

There were 11 flights in the first week alone that delivered more than 90 million pieces of desperately needed personal protective equipment to six different U.S. cities, and it was expected that there would be at least 25 such flights delivering more than 150 million items this week.

“Instead of just throwing limited resources at regions of the country or large cities, they’ve taken the time to understand specifically where shortages are and what equipment is needed,” Guilfoyle wrote of Trump’s response. “Through careful coordination with governors, mayors, and even individual hospitals, the administration has tailored its effort to ensure supplies are being delivered efficiently and effectively.”

She noted that this pandemic has tested the mettle of leaders across the globe and said that in the case of America, “we have been well served by an Administration that prioritizes solutions, outcomes, and speed.”

Though the current crisis is far from over, the end is nonetheless coming into view, and Guilfoyle concluded, “Thanks to [Trump’s] leadership in uniting America’s innovators and problem solvers — writing the book on public-private partnerships in a time of crisis — our nation will emerge stronger than ever.”

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