Kimberly Guilfoyle leaves Fox News to campaign with Trump Jr.

All of the controversy surrounding Kimberly Guilfoyle working at Fox News while dating Donald Trump, Jr. is about to come to a screaming halt.

New reports are saying Guilfoyle has left Fox News to join Trump, Jr. on the campaign trail for mid-term elections. If you were wondering whether Trump Jr. would be able to lure Guilfoyle away from Fox News and into the Trump organization, here’s your answer — he did it!

Amicable Departure

According to the Guilfoyle camp, Kimberly left the network on amicable terms.

Guilfoyle was a co-host of the very popular “The Five.”

There were numerous media outlets reporting the departure had been in the works for some time.

Of course, there was one liberal-oriented publication, Huffington Post, that claimed otherwise.

Yashar Ali published a story on Friday the departure was not on good terms.

Of course, he had nothing to back up his story other than “three sources” that were unnamed.

It was probably Ali sitting around the water cooler with three of his buddies gossiping.

Where Now

Guilfoyle is not exactly someone to sit idly on the sidelines.

So, it will be interesting to see what she does to fill the hours in the day. reported she will more than likely take a position with America First Policies.

This is a non-profit supporting President Trump.

While no longer a member of Fox News, it would not be surprising at all to see her make appearances from time to time for a guest opinion.

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As 2020 gets closer, we will no doubt see even more of her both on the campaign trail and on news programs to offer “insider” information on the Trump campaign.

At this time, no replacement for Guilfoyle on “The Five” has been announced by Fox News.

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