Kimberly Guilfoyle joins Donald Trump, Jr. on gator hunting trip

When the Trumps said they wanted to drain the swamp, people probably didn’t have this in mind.

Donald Trump, Jr. and his new girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle headed to Louisiana this past weekend to go on a gator hunt.

The Hunt

Republicans in Louisiana really know how to throw a party.

The gator hunt has become an annual party  –and Trump Jr. was not about to miss it.

At $5,000 per head, it has proven to be a very effective fundraiser for local candidates.

This year, funds are headed to the coffers of Attorney General Jeff Landry.

On the Train

Trump Jr. has never seen a hunt he did not enjoy, but this appears to be one of his favorites.

Obviously, the local cuisine plays a large part in that.

“It’s just great to come back here because you guys do have the best food in the country,” Don Jr. said.

The crowd absolutely ate up every word that came out of the president’s son’s mouth, and the candidate benefitting from it all made it clear where his support lies.

Just as Trump was finishing his comments, Landry yelled out: “Y’all tell him [President Trump] how much we’re on the Trump train!”

Don Jr. then joked about the warmer reception he felt in Louisiana than he gets in his home city of New York.

Guilfoyle seemed to be enjoying herself too. Social media was littered with pictures of her hamming it up for the camera around big boiling pots of gumbo and more than a few dead gators and pigs.

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Guilfoyle also gave her boyfriend a little encouragement to bag a big gator, stating: “Mama needs a new pair of boots.”

All in all, it looks like both Guilfoyle and Trump had a great time in Louisiana.

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