Kimberly Guilfoyle holds ‘bachelorette’ event in Las Vegas in support of President Trump

After starting a relationship with Donald Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle has become one of President Donald Trump most active supporters.

To get the new campaign season kicked off, Guilfoyle hosted a women’s event in Las Vegas to support Trump she tagged as a “bachelorette party” for the President.

Women for Trump

One of the more polarizing advocacy groups supporting the president has been Women for Trump.

Democrats have hammered Donald Trump as being a sexist, so they simply cannot understand how any woman, let alone a large group of women, could support this president.

As Guilfoyle stated, “Nothing melts these snowflake socialist Democrats faster than a strong, smart, empowered woman who clings to her Bible and her gun and her convictions.”

Get the Message Out

Donald Trump is being hit from every angle right now. Democrats and pundits alike are going after him for the trade war against China.  It is almost as though they are hoping the country goes into a recession just so Trump no longer has the booming economy to tout.

While the economy has been the mainstay of Trump’s stump speeches, he clearly needs to start getting the message out about other areas of success in this administration, which is where Guilfoyle comes in.

Guilfoyle mentioned the economy in her speech, but she also made sure to get the message out regarding the work this administration has done to advance the rights of women.

The former Fox News personality stated, “There is no president in our lifetime that has done more to advance the rights of women than this president.”

The crowd in Las Vegas absolutely loved Guilfoyle, greeting her with a loud round of applause and sending her off in the same way.

While Democrats continue to pretend to be the party of diversity and women’s rights, though, you can bet they will come after Guilfoyle with everything they can find during this election.

They will prove once again that if you are a woman that does not drink their Kool-Aid, they simply have no place for you at all.

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