Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate may be arrested for failure to appear in court

Will politicians in this country ever learn to play by the rules?

With a new report of a Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate having an arrest order placed against him by a local judge, it does appear that way.

What Court Date?

GOP candidate Giovanni Feroce reportedly had a court date over non-payment to a clothing supplier.

Court records state the supplier, Broder Brothers Company, has been trying to collect payment for about a year.

Since Feroce failed to appear in court, the judge ordered the arrest warrant.

Feroce says it is all hogwash.

He has also stated that he knew nothing about the court date until the story was published in a local paper.

When the story broke, the outlaw politician called into a local radio show and said the story was “the biggest nonsense I’ve ever seen or heard.”

According to Feroce, he has started negotiations with the plaintiff over the payment.

Not His First Legal Problem

This is not the first time Feroce has made headlines over legal issues, either.

The NFL’s Buffalo Bills field suit against him for failing to follow through on a $1 million sponsorship agreement.

His fellow Republicans in the gubernatorial race have been paying attention to Feroce’s legal woes as well.

One of his strongest opponents, House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan, wants him to drop out the race.

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Morgan stated, “I think that he has way too many problems to make him a viable candidate for governor.”

With so much corruption already in D.C. and throughout our country involving politicians, it is hard to argue Morgan’s point.

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