Armed security guard jumps into action after Seattle protester steals rifle from police car

A tragedy was averted in Seattle on Saturday when a good guy with a gun stepped in to disarm a rioter who had allegedly stolen an AR-15 out of the back of a police car, the Washington Examiner reported.

What could have turned into a deadly situation was quickly dealt with thanks to an armed security guard who was present at a protest condemning the death of a black man in police custody in Minneapolis last week. As the protest morphed into a riot, the guard sprung into action.

Armed and ready

According to the Examiner, the private security guard, whose identity is being protected, approached the rioter with his pistol out.

The guard then told the rioter, who was masked and hooded, to put the gun down.

The guard was reportedly was there with reporter Brandi Kruse, who explained in a tweet:

Our security guard felt that the public was in danger. He took the AR 15 from the rioter and disabled it. We called 911 and waited to hand it over and continue our reporting. Protesters surrounded us, calling us police.

The security guard had also recovered another rifle that apparently also had been taken from an abandoned police vehicle.

According to the Examiner, the Seattle Police Department later responded to the incident with a statement, saying, “Earlier today two rifles were stolen from SPD patrol cars that were set on fire. We have since recovered both rifles.”

“Is this what America wants?”

While a tragedy may have been prevented by the brave actions of that security guard, protests over the killing of George Floyd have spun out of control across the nation.

At least two men have died so far, including a 19-year-old who was shot in a drive-by shooting while demonstrating in Detroit, local ABC affiliate WXYZ reported, and another man who was killed in Oakland, according to NPR.

Multiple states have had to activate the National Guard to assist local law enforcement in controlling the unruly rioters, a move that President Donald Trump thinks is the best way to go.

Indeed, the situation is simply out of control, and there must be serious reforms to ensure this does not happen again. In the meantime, at least we have this security guard to thank for bringing a swift end to an incident that could have easily been much worse.

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