Prison guard in Epstein case willing to cooperate with prosecutors: Report

The August death of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has left the general public with far more questions than answers, and many observers remain skeptical about precisely how the most high-profile prisoner in the country could have been allowed to commit suicide while in federal custody in Manhattan.

Now that charges have been filed against the two Metropolitan Correctional Center guards responsible for monitoring Epstein on the night of his death, one of them has since indicated a willingness to cooperate with federal prosecutors and reveal what she knows about the events of that evening, the Daily Wire reports.

Facing charges

Tova Noel, 31, was one of the prison employees tasked with keeping watch over the disgraced financier while he was in federal custody this summer while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges, according to The New York Times.

This past Tuesday, Noel and fellow guard Michael Thomas were indicted for conspiracy as well as for filing false reports stating that they had, in fact, completed their appointed rounds on schedule the night of Epstein’s apparent suicide. It is alleged that Noel and Thomas napped, surfed the internet and otherwise failed to perform the mandatory periodic checks on Epstein and others in the facility’s “Special Housing Unit,” despite the fact that Epstein had only recently been taken off suicide watch, the New York Post reported.

Both Noel and Thomas pleaded not guilty and were released on bonds of $100,000 each.

Ready to talk

It was not immediately clear what kind of information Noel is now prepared to share with prosecutors, though her attorney, Jason, Foy has argued that the government should not be allowed to make his client a victim of Epstein’s suicide by deciding to “criminalize work performance when there is an administrative process available through the collective bargaining agreement negotiated by her union with the Federal Bureau of Prisons,” according to the Post.

Foy also emphasized that Noel has been fully cooperative with the federal investigation of Epstein’s death since it began in August.

“Ms. Noel remains available to fully and truthfully cooperate with the Inspector General’s investigation, which is also geared toward uncovering the many problems that existed from the commencement of her employment [and] which continue to plague the Metropolitan Correctional Center,” Foy told the Post.

Suspicions remain

Though conspiracy theories abound regarding exactly how and why Jeffrey Epstein died, particularly considering his long associations with politicians and wealthy elites across the globe, Attorney General Bill Barr has recently offered his own impressions in light of the Department of Justice’s investigation into the matter.

Barr said he understood why speculation has continued to run rampant, given Epstein’s scandalous notoriety, but he claims that there was “a perfect storm of screw-ups” that night to which the ultimate outcome can likely be attributed.

The AG also said that he has personally reviewed security camera footage from the jail facility and can confirm that nobody entered the unit in which Epstein was housed during the time frame in question.

Knowing full well that there is a great public desire to see justice done on behalf of those who may have been victimized by Epstein over the years, Barr also emphasized that the broader DOJ probe into his possible crimes and alleged accomplices is making “good progress” and that he is hopeful that “in a relatively short time there will be tangible results.”

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