Watchdog Group Releases Previously Withheld Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Documents

Just how much influence did the Clintons have with Lynch’s Justice Department and James Comey?

According to a just released report from Judicial Watch, the FBI hid documents pertaining to the now infamous tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Rather than worry about the actual content of the meeting, the FBI was far more concerned with the meeting itself being leaked.

Comey Late to the Party

Comey himself is made to appear to be nothing more than a figurehead in these documents.

If the report is accurate, Comey was never informed of the meeting.

He actually only found out Lynch was meeting with Bill Clinton when the news media reported it.

What Is the FBI Hiding?

When initial inquiries were made about the documents pertaining to the meeting, the FBI said it could not locate them.

After the FOIA lawsuit was filed, though, the documents magically appeared and offer some rather disturbing information about both the meeting and the FBI’s attitude about it.

Judicial Watch reported there were in fact documents between the FBI and the Justice Department discussing that very meeting.

In fact, there were specific statements made about Bill Clinton’s “maneuvering” so he could be on the tarmac at the same time as Lynch.

But, rather than being worried about the topic of discussion and if any laws were being violated, they were concerned about a reporter publishing the story.

One email stated, “we need to find that guy” referring the reporter, and they needed to do so soon “in an attempt to stem any further damage.”

The Timing of It All

As you may recall, it was not long after the meeting Hillary was found to have done no wrong.

We later found out that Comey had in fact written her letter of innocence months before the conclusion of the investigation.

Many believe Bill Clinton was putting pressure on Lynch to have the email investigation against Hillary Clinton closed.

She then, in turn, put pressure on Comey to exonerate her and close the investigation.

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The timing of these events is just far too convenient for something shady not to have taken place.

When Lynch meets Clinton on June 27 and Comey exonerates Hillary on July 5, you don’t have to be a law enforcement expert to see that something unscrupulous happened.

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