Group of Black Chicagoans vows to oppose any candidate who supports the Dems.' illegal immigration agenda

November 19, 2023
Robert Ayers

A group of Black Chicago residents is vowing to oppose any political candidate who supports the current mayor's sanctuary city policies. 

The group, according to Breitbart News, has even said that, if necessary, it is willing to vote Republican.

This comes as Chicago continues to struggle with the illegal immigrant population that it has received as a result of the southern border crisis.

Many residents, in particular, are not happy with the fact that Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) has allocated over $363 million for these illegal immigrants.


Although Chicago is far away from the U.S.-Mexico border, it has not escaped the consequences of President Joe Biden's open borders policies. This is thanks, in large part, to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R).

Chicago is one of those Democrat-run cities that has claimed to be a "sanctuary city." So, last year, Abbott decided to offer to bus some of its illegal immigrant population to Chicago. Many illegal immigrants took the opportunity.

Chicago's illegal immigrant population is now reported to be upwards of 21,000. And, many of these individuals came to Chicago from Texas via Abbott's buses.

Since then, Johnson has been trying to live up to Chicago's sanctuary city claim by allocating a large amount of resources for the city's illegal immigrant population. Just recently, Chicago's city council overwhelmingly approved the mayor's 2024 budget, which includes an additional $150 million for the city's illegal immigrant population.

One of the problems with illegal immigration, of course, is that there are only so many resources to go around. Whether or not Johnson understands this is unclear. But, some Chicagoans do, and they have been pushing back against Johnson's sanctuary city policies.

The backlash

Now, a group of Black Chicago residents is vowing to vote Republican if the city continues to support this illegal immigrant population.

Breitbart News reports:

Speakers warned the city’s aldermen that they will be targeted for removal and that blacks in the areas so badly impacted by the onslaught of border crossers flooding into the city would even begin voting for Republicans and independents to defeat Democrats who are so sold-out to the illegal alien lobby.

Here is a video of the recent press conference in which city residents said that they would vote Republican, if necessary, to stop sanctuary city policies.

Johnson is now saying that illegal immigrants will only be allowed to spend 60 days in city shelters. This appears to be a clear attempt to appease those who oppose his sanctuary city policies. It is unclear whether this appeasement attempt will succeed.

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