Group of 25 states band together, sue Biden admin over COVID rules for Head Start program

President Joe Biden and his administration’s legal defense team have faced an onslaught of lawsuits challenging various COVID-19 vaccine mandates and masking rules and, so far, they’re not doing a very good job of keeping their mandates upheld.

According to Fox News, that legal team will soon be forced to earn its pay once again, as a group of 25 states have banded together to sue the administration over mask mandates for children and vaccine requirements for teachers in the Head Start program.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry (R) is spearheading the legal battle after the Biden administration announced restrictive new pandemic rules for the nation’s various Head Start schooling programs.

The administration ordered children over two years old in the program to don masks, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) ordered all staff, including teachers and contractors — even volunteers — who work in the program, to be fully vaccinated by the end of January.

Taking a stand

Landry laid out his case, arguing, like many others have, that the Biden administration grossly overstepped in their perceived power to enact such mandates, especially on such young children when the science clearly doesn’t support such actions.

“Like all of his other unlawful attempts to impose medical decisions on Americans, Biden’s overreaching orders to mask two-year-olds and force vaccinate teachers in our underserved communities will cost jobs and impede child development,” AG Landry wrote in a statement.

He added: “If enacted, Biden’s authoritarianism will cut funding, programs, and childcare that working families, single mothers, and elderly raising grandchildren rely on desperately.”

For an administration that tries so desperately to convince parents that it has their children in its best interests, Landry’s statement proves that is simply not the case.

Landry, and the states joining his in the lawsuit, argue that the Biden admin’s mandates violate the Congressional Review Act and the Tenth Amendment.

Texas AG agrees

While Texas AG Ken Paxton (R) isn’t part of this particular legal challenge, he released a statement earlier this month expressing the same sentiment, and he, too, has launched a flurry of lawsuits on behalf of Texas to fight Biden’s various mandates.

“I will not allow Texans to be coerced into getting a vaccine because the federal government is giving them an ultimatum to choose between their health or their child’s preschool education,” Paxton said, as Fox noted.

The AG added: “These unconstitutional mandates have no place in our country, and they are not welcomed here in Texas.”

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