Group of pro-life Black Americans deliver letter to ‘commend and thank’ Trump

In the aftermath of a deadly riot on Capitol Hill earlier this month, critics on both sides of the aisle amplified their vilification of former President Donald Trump.

Several prominent conservative groups — including one pro-life alternative to the Black Lives Matter movement — have nonetheless remained steadfastly in the 45th president’s camp.

“We wholly commend you!”

The Christian-based organization Every Black Life Matters published an open letter this week expressing gratitude for Trump’s perceived efforts to preserve the sanctity of Black life in the United States.

We commend and thank you for several great years of providing credence, support, and exemplary leadership in standing for the notion that Every Black Life Matters!” the letter reads. “We wholly commend you!”

The letter was signed by EBLM cofounders Kevin McGary and Neil Mammen — along with more than 300 individuals involved in the group’s mission. 

In it, they heaped praise on Trump for standing his ground in regard to the pro-life movement in apparent contrast to his predecessors.

“While there have been many Presidents of the U.S. who have asserted support for the Black community, you have fully demonstrated your commitment and resolve to support and improve Black life by standing firm on the right to life,” the letter’s signers proclaimed.

“From womb to tomb”

Taking a more partisan approach to the issue, the group went on to slam Democrats for condemning racism while taking donations from abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.

The letter’s authors pointed out that organization’s racist roots in deeming Trump’s stance against Planned Parenthood as “righteous and correct,” further lauding him for being unafraid to speak out against the abortion industry.

As EBLM clearly states on its website, the group upholds a belief in free markets, non-violent activism, educational choice, the nuclear family, and “REAL justice from womb to tomb.”

Despite claims from anti-Trump pundits that the former president is a racist and bigot, EBLM is far from his only base of support from within the Black community.

In a USA Today op-ed published in November, author Patrice Onwuka urged Black voters to cast a ballot for Trump, writing: “Unemployment rates for Blacks hovered for months at or near historic lows. Workers with less than a high school diploma and criminal records left the sidelines of the workforce.”

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