Media watchdog group blasts Fox’s Jeanine Pirro over network policy violation

Media Matters for America, a liberal media “watchdog” group, is trying to destroy the careers of Fox News personalities and get their shows canceled.

The group’s latest target is Judge Jeanine Pirro, whom Media Matters recently blasted for planning to appear at a Republican Party event in King County, Washington in October.

Policy violation?

The political climate during the 2016 presidential campaign resulted in Fox News creating a policy that forbids its reporters from doing political fundraisers. The new regulations came after an appearance by Sean Hannity at a rally for Donald Trump.

Several members of the Fox News team have already had their appearances at events canceled due to the reporting by Media Matters. For instance, Mollie Hemingway was supposed to be the keynote speaker at a Republican event in New Hampshire next month, but she had to pull out of the event.

Brian Kilmeade and Pete Hegseth also had to cancel appearances after a Media Matters report.

For her part, Judge Jeanine is slated to be the featured speaker at the event in King County to discuss her new book and sign fans’ copies of it. According to the website, ticket prices range from $150 to $300 for the event, which remains as scheduled — for now.

The technicalities

Meanwhile, there are several issues at hand here that make Media Matters’ allegation more than a bit questionable. First and foremost: is this just an event or an actual fundraiser?

There is no language on the King County Republican Party’s website that makes this appear as though it is actually a fundraiser for the RNC or any specific candidate, so it’s unclear if Fox’s policy even applies.

Indeed, in many instances, these groups end up being in the red or barely making a profit, so calling this a “fundraiser” may be a loose definition of the word.

Secondly, Pirro is an opinion pundit, not a news anchor. It would be perfectly understandable for Fox to forbid someone like Bret Baier, Shepard Smith, or Chris Wallace from making an appearance due to the role they fill for the network’s news department.

However, Pirro was hired as an opinion pundit — so what is the harm in having her appear at a Republican event? Would anyone care if Juan Williams or Donna Brazile were making an appearance at a Democrat event?

The fact of the matter is Media Matters doesn’t like what Judge Jeanine has to say, so they are trying to get her fired and silence her voice. It is yet another example of liberal snowflakes trying to keep conservatives quiet.

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