‘Gross Negligence’ omitted from options to prosecute Hillary Clinton over emails

It just may be time to bring James Comey back in to sit down on the hot seat.

chart produced internally during the FBI’s investigation apparently didn’t even include the option to prosecute Hillary Clinton for gross negligence, the Epoch Times reported

The DOJ had no comment. The FBI would not comment on whether the chart was used.

Breaking Down the Case

Hillary Clinton, in the eyes of millions of Americans, should have been indicted for the careless manner in which she handled classified emails.

She installed a personal server that was not protected and many of these emails ended up getting hacked.

In fact, thousands of them were released by WikiLeaks during the election season.

However, for some reason, James Comey and his investigative team at the FBI found no reason to indict her.

Now, we find out a chart created by the FBI that showed the “available statutes for prosecuting” Clinton did not even include the “gross negligence” statute.

It is a matter of significance the FBI chose to purposely ignore this statute when considering on whether or not to indict Hillary Clinton — gross negligence in handling classified information is criminal.

Should Have Been Prosecuted

As you may recall, James Comey had drafted a letter explaining why Hillary was not going to be charged months prior to the actual conclusion of the investigation.

His draft was reportedly edited by Peter Strzok to change the phrase to describe her handling of the emails from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless.”

Strzok was later removed from the investigation, along with Lisa Page, when texts between the two revealed their clear bias in the case for Clinton and against Donald Trump.

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