Outside doctor announces grim prognosis for Ruth Bader Ginsburg

After hearing the news Justice Ruth Ginsburg needed to have cancerous nodules removed from her lungs, one doctor believes the future is not so bright for the oldest justice on the court.

According to Dr. Brian C. Joondeph, of Denver, Ginsburg could have a less than 3 percent chance of surviving more than five years. 

Is She Hiding Something?

Much of the conjecture around Ginsburg’s health has come from how coy she was about her health after she broke her ribs.

While doing an interview weeks after the initial injury, she told a journalist she was feeling much better and close to 100 percent.

However, we found out the very next day she was admitted to the hospital to have the nodules removed from her lungs.

Dr. Joondeph, who writes for the Daily Caller, believes things could be far worse for Ginsburg than she is letting on in public.

The Diagnosis

It is important to note, Dr. Joondeph has not yet examined Ruth Ginsburg.

He is merely basing his possible diagnosis on the reports he has seen publicly.

But Ginsburg has had two previous bouts with cancer: first in 1999, then in 2009.

Oddly enough, this third bout with cancer is once again a decade later.

Additionally, Dr. Joondeph stated the lungs are a “common site for metastatic cancer.”

Because the blood flows through the lungs and throughout the entire body, this recent occurrence should be of particular concern because her blood could be carrying the cancerous cells throughout her body.

According to Dr. Joondeph, if the cancer is, in fact, metastatic, it would be “considered stage IV, with the worst prognosis.”

The survival rate for this type of cancer is not good, at 15 percent for stage IV colon cancer.

For pancreatic cancer, “the five-year survival for stage IV disease is much worse at only 3 percent.”

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One of the main concerns of Dr. Joondeph is her age, which, along with the treatments that she may need to cure these medical problems, could hurt her mental state.

When the time comes for Ginsburg to retire — and if Trump is still in the White House then — Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings will be like child’s play.

There is simply no way Democrats will allow Trump to give conservatives a 6-3 advantage on the Supreme Court without a fight.

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