Top Republican to grill Barr on why Andrew McCabe criminal probe was dropped

If you thought Attorney General William Barr would be handled with kid gloves when he goes before House committees at the end of March, think again.

Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) says Bill Barr will be facing rigorous questioning as to why the criminal investigation into former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe was dropped, according to the Washington Examiner,

McCabe gets a walk

The two-year investigation into Andrew McCabe wrapped up in early February. Trump supporters thought Barr would finally give them some justice, but it didn’t happen.

After 24 months, McCabe walked away without an indictment.

This happened, mind you, even though McCabe, per reporting from the New York Post, admitted to lying to FBI investigators and to having leaked confidential information to the media during the Russian collusion investigation.

There have been plenty of people who were sent to jail in connection with the Russia collusion investigation, but they’ve conveniently all been Trump associates, including Roger Stone. This is despite the Justice Department inspector general’s report having identified serious misconduct on the part of the FBI during that time period.

Conservatives were furious when the decision came down, and now Collins is going to try to get them some answers.

Barr called before Congress

Ironically, Barr was called to testify before Congress concerning matters that are already settled in the courts. When the Stone sentencing recommendation was initially issued, Barr pulled it back and advised a lesser sentence.

House officials went berserk and immediately called Barr to appear in a hearing that will reportedly take place on March 31.

The fun for conservatives will start when Collins gets the microphone. The Georgia Republican who is now running for a Senate seat stated he wants to know why Andrew McCabe was not charged — “Someone who is an admitted liar. Someone who was let go from his job.”

“The American people, the average Joe who gets up in the morning and says if I lie to the authorities, if I lie to the police, something is going to happen to me.”

Barr has done a good job so far, but he’s come under fire for not prosecuting members of Obama’s intelligence community. The DOJ does not seem willing to go after former FBI director James Comey for FISA abuse, and now it has closed the investigation into the Clinton Foundation and McCabe without indictments. It’s time we find out why.

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