Kathy Griffin says Sean Hannity is going to jail

Just when you thought we were rid of her antics, Kathy Griffin is making outlandish statements about Trump and his allies again.

This time, the not-so-funny comedian Kathy Griffin targeted Sean Hannity, saying he is “obsessed” with her and will end up in jail.

It Gets Worse

Liberals, of course, jumped all over the Griffin rant and agreed that Hannity should be going to jail.

For what, we have no idea, but that is the world they all live in.

After suggesting Hannity and everyone else in Trump’s camp should be headed to jail, she made another shocking comment.

Speaking of Hannity, Griffin said, “I don’t know if you’re going to do well in jail because someone like you, the rate of recidivism is going to be high.”

Griffin was referring to jail house rape.

In her eyes, somehow, men being raped in prison is worthy of a punchline.

Hannity and Griffin

This feud between Hannity and Griffin dates back to the bloody head incident.

As you may recall, Griffin thought it would be a good idea to hold up a decapitated faux head of the President.

The head was covered in blood, the suggestion quite obvious.

Griffin ended up being put under federal investigation for her antics and obviously still has an axe to grind about it.

Hannity, after the incident, wrote a scathing blog entry about her “joke,” which did not go over well with Griffin.

From that point, the two sparred regularly over Trump, but it had died down in recent weeks.

Hannity revisited the “joke” recently, which reinvigorated Griffin to come back after him again.

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While she claims Hannity is obsessed with her, it is clear Griffin is the one with the problem.

She is no longer relevant and sadly, she just has not yet realized it.

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