Kathy Griffin attacks RNC for using decapitated head photo that ‘terrified’ Barron Trump

The RNC published a shocking and hard-hitting ad against “unhinged” liberals this week, but liberal star Kathy Griffin is trying to hit back.

When Griffin saw her “severed head” gag was being used in the ad, she asked the president: “Are you ok with the GOP using it in their web ad?”

Griffin’s Point

Griffin was ripped by not only the media, but also by the president himself over the image she shared, which showed what appeared to be the president’s severed head.

The president called her out on Twitter, saying the image was having a horrible impact on Barron when it first came out in 2017:

Griffin wants to know what the difference is now that an ad promoting the GOP has been taken out using the very same graphics:

The ad from the GOP attempted to make a point about how extreme liberals are being in their attacks against conservatives these days.

Who Is Right?

One could make an argument for both sides of this issue, but the reality is the purpose and timing of the two makes all the difference.

When Griffin first shared the image, it was very reasonable to assume Barron saw the ad with zero preparation.

That being said, it is reasonable to assume the boy would have been shocked by the visual, not knowing if it was real or not.

Now, the president and his wife Melania have more than likely sat him down to explain what is going on.

In this case, the ad is very necessary to show the extremes to which the left has gone to attack the president and his family.

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Barron now knows that the image he is seeing is nothing more than a prop, much like he would see in a horror movie, and nothing else.

So, to answer your question Ms. Griffin: yes, it is okay for the image to be used in this case, to show the sheer lunacy you, and others like you, have chosen to partake in to attack conservatives.

She should be ashamed of herself.

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