Trump admin official Richard Grenell says Trump wants to run for president again

Former President Donald Trump isn’t closing the door on politics, according to a former member of his administration.

Richard Grenell, former acting director of National Intelligence, revealed this week that Trump wants to run again for the U.S. presidency, the Washington Examiner reported.

Grenell made the revelation during an interview with Newsmax on Saturday.

“He’s told me personally, multiple times, that he does want to run again,” Grenell told Newsmax. “We’ll see if that holds. [There’s] a long way to go.”

“He does want to run”

There has been much talk since the 2020 election about whether Trump will run again in 2024. Trump hinted at the idea during a speech in early December, saying: “It’s been an amazing four years. We’re trying to do another four years. Otherwise, I’ll see you in four years.”

Trump, however, has not made any official statement on the matter. In fact, he has been very quiet since leaving the White House, only making a brief statement that “we’ll do something, but not just yet.”

There have also been rumors that Trump wants to start a “Patriot” political party in order to break from establishment Republicans. But many of Trump’s allies, including Grenell, have been against the idea.

“No, we should not start the Patriot Party,” Grenell said Saturday, according to the Examiner. “We should work very hard on the Republican Party. Clearly, Donald Trump is a Republican and should run again as a Republican.”

Looking ahead

Despite the rough ending to his presidency, Trump remains popular. According to Rasmussen Reports, Trump left office with a 51% approval rating.

There have also been many polls and reports in the last few months that showed Trump would be the Republican front-runner for 2024.

This is precisely why the political left and anti-Trumpers on the right are currently pursuing the impeachment and conviction of Trump. The Senate trial is set to begin in mid-February, when Trump will have to defend himself against the accusation that he incited the “insurrection” that occurred at the Capitol on Jan. 6. If the Senate does convict Trump, it can then vote to bar him from ever holding federal office again.

If Trump is not convicted, then it’s likely the country will see him run again in four years. But only time will tell.

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