Greenfield on VP Harris, Clinton: “when you sell your soul you . . . end up with nothing”

Do you know that cackle that Vice President Kamala Harris has? Have you ever noticed that Hillary Clinton has a similar cackle? Have you ever noticed that the two women share many other similarities as well?

Daniel Greenfield of Frontpagemag, who also is a fellow at the Freedom Center, recently exposed what lies beneath the “masks” that both Harris and Clinton wear. 

“Entirely artificial”

Greenfield’s comments came during a recent appearance on The Glazov Gang.

There, host Jamie Glazov noted the striking contrast between “intelligent” and “charismatic” and “graceful” conservative women and liberal women, such as Harris and Clinton. Glazov asked Greenfield “what is going on with those laughs that they have?”

“The thing about them is that they’re so inauthentic, and it is something you often have with female leftists particularly in positions of power,” Greenfield said.

He argued that, with Clinton and Harris, “everything is entirely performative.”

“They put on this mask, you know,” Greenfield continued. “Before we all started wearing masks, they were wearing masks long before that. And, the whole thing is entirely artificial, and somewhere along the way they just forgot who they are, why they are doing any of this.”

“The moral of the story”

Greenfield went on to highlight more striking similarities between Harris and Clinton, arguing that these similarities might be what is behind their masks.

Regarding Harris, Greenfield said:

She spent all of this time climbing the latter. She is now one step away from the presidency yet people keep telling her you are never going to have it. She is unpopular with the public. You know that has to really eat away at you.

It is a similar story with Clinton, Greenfield noted:

Hillary Clinton, look at what she had to cover up what her husband was doing. She claims to be a feminist yet she had to intimidate the women who her husband sexually assaulted, threatened, and so on and so forth. And, she got all the way up there and it was denied to her at the very last moment.

Greenfield argued that this is what is behind their “very hollow laugh,” namely, a “very hollow performative attempt to seem normal, to seem female,” when, “in reality, they’ve destroyed everything about themselves.”

Greenfield concluded:

You know, the moment they think that they have everything they’ve got and everything that they’ve worked for it’s snatched away from them. So, this is really the tragedy. It’s a moral. It’s the moral of the story, really, that when you sell your soul you actually end up with nothing.

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