Green Party mounts opposition campaign to Pelosi’s HR1 election reform bill designed to ‘crush’ alternative parties

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been accused of attempting to rig the nation’s electoral system in favor of the Democratic Party maintaining its tenuous grip on political power and control over Washington D.C. and, by extension, the rest of the country.

That accusation isn’t coming solely from Republicans, but also from the far-left-leaning Green Party, which has asserted that a piece of legislation touted by Pelosi as necessary election reform is actually intended to “crush” alternative political parties and keep them from accessing the ballot, The Washington Times reported.

“For The People Act”

The legislation in question is H.R. 1, dubbed the “For The People Act,” which in the view of the Greens is anything but what the name implies.

At issue most prominently with the bill is a provision regarding federal matching funds for presidential campaigns — something the small Green Party relies heavily upon — that would raise the minimum threshold of qualification significantly.

Previously, a candidate who chose to participate in the matching funds program needed to raise at least $5,000 in 20 different states in order to qualify. Pelosi’s H.R. 1, however, would increase that threshold to a minimum of $25,000 raised in 20 states, according to a press release from the Green Party.

The Greens also drew attention to other “problematic provisions” that would disproportionately impact alternative political parties.

“While HR1 is sold as a way to get money out of politics and to protect voters, it contains a ‘poison pill’ for democracy and opposition parties like the Green Party,” Green Party National Co-Chair Tony Ndege said in the statement. “How can they call this bill ‘For The People’ when they are silencing alternative parties at a time when more people than ever are demanding more political choice?”

“Bait-and-switch” legislation

Ndege’s national co-chair Gloria Mattera also called out Pelosi for her dishonest sales pitch to the American people on what H.R. 1 would actually do if passed by Congress and signed into law.

“The Green Party stands opposed to this bait-and-switch legislation that claims to improve access to voting while actually dismantling everyone’s right to organize electorally against the parties of War and Wall Street,” Mattera said.

“In recent presidential elections, Greens have been the only candidates to participate in the primary matching funds program,” she added. “HR1 must be amended to stop this attack on presidential campaign matching funds that Green candidates have relied on for almost a decade — or the bill must fail.”

It should come as no surprise that Pelosi would attempt to rig the rules of the system to her own benefit, especially to rid the Democratic Party of the annoying nuisance of the Greens, who are often accused of siphoning off votes from the Democratic left flank.

The bill will almost certainly be passed by the Democrat-controlled House, though how it will fare in the evenly-split Senate remains to be seen. Regardless, it is unlikely that Democrats will accede to the demands of the Greens and change the troublesome provisions, so we can expect to hear more about the fallout of Pelosi’s politically manipulative efforts in the future.

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