Green district in green city in green state is buying … DIESEL school buses!

October 28, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Boulder, Colorado, is as leftist as a community can be in a state that's put its weight behind the climate change campaign. It promotes green ideology throughout its services.

And inside the community is a green school district, which cooperates with the climate change ideology enthusiastically.

This is why the district has surprised a lot of people by announcing the pending purchase of a bunch of diesel school buses.

The report comes from The Center Square, which said while the district wants to replace diesel buses with green units, they just can't do the job.

The report explained the district confirmed EVs just can't do the work involved in running more demanding routes into the Colorado Rocky Mountain foothills.

The report said the district is ready to approve the purchase of five new diesel buses for nearly $715,000.

The district explained, "Diesel school buses are essential for mountain routes due to their robust performance in challenging terrains. These routes often have steep inclines, variable weather conditions, and remote locations, making diesel buses a practical choice."

The report said school officials continued, "Propane and electric buses have limitations on mountain routes. Propane can struggle with altitude and extreme cold, while electric buses experience reduced range in hilly areas and require frequent recharging, making them less reliable for these specific routes."

Diesel buses, they said, "remain a reliable choice for ensuring safe transportation for students in mountainous regions."

The report said the district now has almost 240 vehicles, 113 diesel, 53 gas, 46 propane, and six electric.

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