Rep. Al Green admits Dems were always going to impeach Trump

With the way things are going, you would think Democrats would be extra careful about vindicating President Donald Trump by admitting that the impeachment has been rigged all along.

It appears Rep. Al Green (D-TX) did not get that memo, though; he recently admitted the “genesis” of the impeachment started long before Trump was ever elected to office, according to Breitbart.

How it all began…

We all know candidates will say just about anything to get elected to office — especially the presidency. Look at any primary, and all kinds of accusations get thrown around.

When Hillary Clinton ran against Barack Obama, she brought up all kinds of nasty things about Obama, including his birthplace.

Failed 2020 candidate Kamala Harris all but called current Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden a racist during the first debate.

None of that seems to have hit home with Rep. Green, though, because he stated on Monday’s episode of MSNBC’s All In that because several presidential candidates said that Trump was not fit for office during the 2016 primary, the Dems started to put the pieces in place to impeach Trump even before he was elected.

“Well, the genesis of impeachment — to be very candid with you — was when the president was running for office and he had members of his own party to talk about his unfitness for office,” Green stated.

Doomed from the start

Ever since House Democrats passed the articles of impeachment, all they have been talking about is the need to conduct a fair trial in the Senate.

Now, Rep. Green just literally admitted the process to impeach Trump started long before he ever won the office.

By that standard, we should already be setting the rules for a Joe Biden impeachment if he were to pull off a miracle win. Biden’s fitness for office has already been called into question by several of his fellow candidates.

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg recently said that Biden’s experience does not mean he is qualified to be president, because he really did not accomplish anything. Even long-shot 2020 candidate Cory Booker has raised some questions about Biden.

The reality is that this impeachment is not about Trump doing something wrong, but rather, the fact Dems are angry that a political outsider managed to defeat the golden child of the Democratic Party. And we all know it.

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