Grayson Chrisley, young star of ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ reality show, hospitalized with head injuries following car accident

A young star of a popular reality TV show was rushed to a hospital by ambulance on Saturday following a car accident.

Grayson Chrisley, of USA Network’s “Chrisley Knows Best,” was suspected of suffering head injuries after he rear-ended another vehicle with his own truck on an interstate in Nashville, Tennessee, the Daily Caller reported.

The incident occurred just days prior to when Grayson’s parents, Todd and Julie, were to face sentencing after being convicted of bank fraud and tax evasion.

Hospitalized following car accident

TMZ was the first to report on and share pictures of the car accident that involved 16-year-old Grayson Chrisley and his white Ford F-150 truck that slammed into the back of a maroon Dodge Ram truck that was stopped in heavy traffic along I-65 in Nashville around 5:30 pm on Saturday.

Pictures show that Chrisley’s truck suffered extensive damage as the front bumper and grill were nearly completely gone, the hood was cracked and crumpled, and the engine was damaged and exposed.

The windshield was also shattered with a hole on the driver’s side — suggesting that Chrisley may not have been wearing a seatbelt and was possibly thrown partially through the front glass during the collision.

According to police, Chrisley had no recollection of what happened in the accident, which prompted suspicions that he had suffered head injuries and he was thus transported to a local hospital by ambulance.

The driver of the other vehicle, which suffered substantial damage to the rear bumper and tailgate, reportedly also suffered unspecified injuries but declined medical assistance or treatment at the scene, and both totaled vehicles were later towed away.

Parents convicted and sentenced for bank fraud, show reportedly canceled

According to the New York Post’s Page Six, the accident with an injury involving Grayson happened just days before his parents, Todd and Julie, were to be sentenced following their convictions in June for bank fraud and tax evasion that involved the submission of false documents when applying for a bank loan as well as fictitious bank statements and credit reports while attempting to rent a property in California.

That sentencing hearing was held Monday, Decider reported, and Todd received a sentence of 12 years in prison while Julie was sentenced to seven years in prison. Both will also have three years of supervised release once they are out of prison and will be required to pay an as-yet-undetermined amount in restitution.

On top of that, Deadline reported that USA Network has now canceled “Chrisley Knows Best,” as well as a spin-off focused on the children called “Growing Up Chrisley,” even though the original show had just been renewed for a tenth season just prior to the convictions earlier this year.

The network will, however, reportedly go ahead and air all of the episodes for the new season that had been filmed before the trial.

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