Lindsey Graham tells Republicans if they are not excited to vote they must be ‘legally dead’

Republicans should be chomping at the bit to get to the voting booths next week.

With the Kavanaugh confirmation debacle and the migrant caravan, Senator Lindsey Graham joked, “If you’re a Republican and you’re not excited about voting, you’re legally dead.”

Upcoming Election

Normally, mid-term elections after winning the White House are almost an afterthought.

The residing party more or less has come to accept a bloodbath in mid-terms.

That “tradition” is going to be tested this election season.

Due to some recent events, Graham believes Republicans should be just as energized by this election as they were for the 2016 presidential election.

The Issues

The tax cut is a clear target of the Democrats.

When the proposal was first made, Democrats said Trump was doing nothing more than taking care of his rich business buddies while throwing what Nancy Pelosi called “peanuts” to the everyday American.

But the tax plan has helped energize the economy, creating jobs and opportunities for small businesses as well as corporate America.

If they regain a majority, Democrats have made it very clear they will do everything in their power to repeal the plan — and that’s bad news for everyone, not just the rich.

Immigration is also a big issue, as the Central American migrant caravan moves closer and closer to the U.S. southern border.

Trump has been adamant those migrants will NOT illegally cross our border.

At the same time, Democrats are once again using racist rhetoric to condemn Trump for trying to secure the border.

Then there is the Supreme Court nomination fiasco.

Now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh had several sexual misconduct allegations made against him during the late stages of his senate confirmation hearings. The Democrats, who had opposed his nomination from the very beginning, seized on those allegations after they couldn’t find a better reason to disqualify him.

The initial accusation could not be corroborated and the second two, well, they were just plain hogwash.

To Graham’s point, Democrats held “an assault on everything we hold near and dear.”

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Republicans have more than a few reasons to get up off their couch on Tuesday to vote red on election day.

In this case, we must change a historical trend simply to survive.

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