Lindsey Graham reveals his private phone conversation with Donald Trump

It is no secret that President Donald Trump and Arizona Senator John McCain had a rocky relationship.

But right after Senator Lindsey Graham gave a moving tribute to McCain on the Senate floor, Trump surprised many by calling Graham to tell him, “You did right by your friend.”

A Fighter

John McCain and Lindsey Graham were both members of the Washington political establishment.

So, it is no surprise that he was very close friends with Graham.

As a matter of fact, those two were often on the wrong side of legislation Trump was backing.

Even so, Trump has often tried to offer an olive branch, knowing full well he would need their votes if he was going to truly change Washington.

Graham, in his tribute to McCain, touched on the fighting spirit Republicans knew all too well in McCain.

Pissed Me Off

Trump has never held back his feelings about McCain, who passed away last week after a battle with brain cancer.

During McCain’s final days, Trump said more than a few things that upset Senator Graham.

But after the raising of the flags and the refusal to release a “hero” statement about McCain, Trump’s call really took Graham by surprise.

“When [Trump] says something bad about John, it pissed me off. He called yesterday after my speech and he couldn’t have been nicer,” Graham stated.

Graham added, “He said, ‘That was very sad. I just wanted to let you know that you did right by your friend.”

Some Common Ground

Graham has made some effort to offer Trump a bridge to gain the support of the establishment GOP.

And Trump has addressed some of the concerns at the top of McCain and other establishment Republicans’ lists, such as working to rebuild the military.

The President has also pulled out of the Iran deal, something that was a major priority for all Republicans.

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Even though Graham does not always side with Trump, he said he wants Trump to get “credit when credit is due.”

At least there is some common sense among the establishment politicians. Not a lot … but some.

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