Sen. Lindsey Graham predicts ‘bipartisan acquittal’ of Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has finally relinquished control of the articles of impeachment, allowing the Senate to begin its actual trial.

For his part, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC) is hoping this will be a very quick process, and according to Breitbart, he said Wednesday that he believes the Senate will soon deliver a “bipartisan acquittal” of President Trump.

Here we go again

The legal issues for Trump are far different from what former White House resident Bill Clinton was dealing with during his impeachment, but the set-ups are much the same.

The party of the accused controls the Senate, and the party of the accusers is in charge of the House. The party being impeached is crying foul, and the party doing the impeaching is demanding justice.

Indeed, this impeachment is similar in many ways to Clinton’s, including in the desire of one party to call witnesses while the other party says their opponents should have made their case when they had the chance.

When Clinton’s impeachment played out two decades ago, it did not end up well for the accusing party. To that end, Sen. Graham believes history is about to repeat itself.

There is one major difference in these two impeachments, and it is something most Americans are beginning to realize: whereas there was hard evidence against Bill Clinton, no verifiable evidence has been presented against Donald Trump.

Yes, we know Trump wanted Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden’s possible corruption — but even the Ukrainian president has come forward to say he was never pressured by Trump or anyone within his administration to conduct those investigations.

Quick and easy

Graham does not see much resistance to a rapid acquittal and he, in fact, is expecting this trial to take no more than two weeks.

He said on Fox News’ Hannity that by the time Trump gives his State of the Union address on Feb. 4, the entire matter should all be wrapped up.

“The best thing for the American people is to end this crap as quickly as possible, have a trial in the Senate, bipartisan acquittal of the president, and on February the fourth, when the president comes into the House chamber to deliver the State of the Union, he will have been acquitted by the Senate, he will be the strongest he’s ever been politically,” Graham said.

Additionally, as Republicans lost congressional seats after the Clinton impeachment, Graham believes the same is about to happen to Democrats — only significantly worse. He is predicting a massive red wave come Election Day, and a Republican president that will be “the strongest he’s ever been politically.”

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