Sen. Lindsey Graham warns Pelosi against committing ‘political suicide’

Thus far, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been reluctant to answer her caucus members’ calls to impeach Trump.

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham believes Pelosi would be smart to continue to ignore those calls because “impeachment would be political suicide.”

Pacifying the Caucus

There are a lot of Democrats in the House that are loudly clamoring to impeach President Trump. Some of them are very powerful voices, like Rep. Jerry Nadler.

Rep. Tlaib (D-MI) took office promising her constituents she would impeach Trump when she got to D.C.

Maxine Waters, who was a virtual nobody before jumping on the impeachment train, even though she has spent virtually her entire life in politics, admitted this weekend there is “unrest” in the party over lack of forward movement on impeachment.

Pelosi has done her best to pacify them all, but the rumblings are starting to get louder and louder. Even so, she refuses to pull the trigger on impeachment.

Political Suicide

Why has Nancy Pelosi refused to give in? The simple answer is that she knows she doesn’t have a case.

Graham stated, “She knows that impeachment would be political suicide because there’s no reason to impeach the President.”

That, however, has not stopped Pelosi from making ridiculous accusations against President Trump. Just prior to the President leaving for Japan and immediately before an infrastructure meeting, Pelosi accused Trump of a “cover-up” operation.

This has actually brought more scrutiny to Pelosi because if she firmly believes that and has proof, she should be moving forward to impeach him.

Pelosi is stuck between a rock and hard place. If she moves forward with impeachment, she looks foolish in front of the entire country and quite possibly loses her next re-election bid.

If she does not move forward, however, her own party may look to remove her from the Speaker’s chair, pulling both the gavel and power right out of her hand. Either way, at this point, Nancy Pelosi is in grave danger right now.

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