Lindsey Graham says Democrats opened ‘Pandora’s box,’ Kamala Harris could be impeached

Impeaching former President Donald Trump for a second time, in what critics labeled as an act of pure partisanship, may have set a dangerous precedent for the future.

According to the New York Post, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) recently suggested that the standard Democrats’ set for this impeachment has opened a “Pandora’s box,” and could be used to launch impeachment proceedings against Vice President Kamala Harris in the future.

“Pandora’s box”

During an appearance on Fox News, Graham pointed out that Harris, who promoted a bail fund that helped release violent protesters from jail during riots in the summer of 2020, could easily be a target for House Republicans to impeach next year.

“If you’re able to, chip in now to the​ ​@MNFreedomFund​ ​to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota,” Harris tweeted in June.

Graham explained to Fox: “She actually bailed out rioters and one of the rioters went back to the streets and broke somebody’s head open. So we’ve opened Pandora’s box here and I’m sad for the country.”

Some of the criminals who were bailed out included sex offenders, an accused murderer and someone who fired shots at local law enforcement, Fox News reported.

Graham said the potential for Harris to be hit with impeachment charges is not out of the realm of possibility if Republicans take back majority control of the lower chamber in the 2022 midterm elections.

Hillary Clinton impeached?

Graham isn’t the only high-profile Republican senator who believes that an irreversible precedent has been set by House Democrats. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) predicted a similar scenario if the Senate voted to convict Trump.

As Business Insider reported, Rubio explained a scenario in which Republicans could hypothetically go after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Voting to convict the former president would create a new precedent that a former official can be convicted and disqualified by the Senate,” Rubio said during the question-and-answer phase of Trump’s trial.

He continued: “Therefore, is it not true that under this new precedent, a future House, facing partisan pressure to lock her up, could impeach a former Secretary of State and a future Senate be forced to put her on trial and potentially disqualify from any future office?”

Lead House impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) contested Rubio’s thought process, asserting that the Senate already ruled on jurisdictional issues and that the impeachment trial was valid given that Trump committed the alleged crime while he was still in the White House.

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