Sens. Lindsey Graham, Chuck Grassley request intel on FBI’s handling of Hillary Clinton email investigation

Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare just came true.

GOP Sens. Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley have officially requested that Attorney General William Barr provide them more information on the handling of the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Getting the Truth

To conservative Americans, a true investigation into Hillary Clinton was never really conducted.

The blatant bias shown by then-FBI Director James Comey has been exposed.

For one, Clinton was never put under oath when asked questions.

There is also the fact that Comey started writing a letter exonerating Clinton months before the investigation was concluded, and before the former secretary of State had been officially interviewed.

We also know several people working on the investigation, most notably Peter Strzok, were biased against Donald Trump.

The chances of the investigation finding Clinton guilty were slim to none.

Now that Robert Mueller’s investigation is complete, Sens. Graham and Grassley want to get to the bottom of this and find out if the FBI did anything inappropriate during the investigation that allowed Clinton to walk away unscathed.

Failure to Review

The information requested by the GOP centers around whether the FBI actually investigated all avenues when it conducted its probe into Hillary Clinton.

The letter sent to AG Barr specifically cites a memo about the “Midyear” investigation, a name given to the Clinton email probe.

While a memo outlining classified information in the case was at least started, it was apparently never completed.

Some believe the FBI never actually looked at the classified information because there was no summary report for it.

Comey already had the inspector general calling him “insubordinate” during this investigation.

The IG’s report also stated that Comey “affirmatively concealed” his intentions from the Department of Justice while he conducted the investigation into Clinton’s private server.

As bad as that sounds, it may be far worse.

If this new investigation is granted and Comey is found to have purposely discounted information that would have created a different outcome, he may soon find himself getting fitted for an orange jumpsuit.

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