Graham urges Republicans to ‘fight back’ amid claims of voter fraud

The mainstream media may have declared former Vice President Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election, but that hasn’t stopped President Donald Trump from deploying an army of lawyers to challenge the count in key swing states where his team alleges there may have been instances of voter fraud.

In fact, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) announced during a Fox News interview on Sunday that it’s more important than ever for Republicans to continue to wage legal battles to ensure the legitimacy of the election outcome. “If Republicans don’t challenge and change the U.S. election system,” he said, “there’ll never be another Republican president elected again.”

Graham’s dire warning comes as Trump’s camp is expected to announce a number of litigious actions in different battleground states this week.

“We have to fight back”

According to Fox, Graham pointed during his Sunday interview to a number of instances of potential ballot fraud where he believes a case can be made, including in the crucial battleground state of Pennsylvania, which is particularly under the microscope of Trump’s team.

“I want Pennsylvania to explain to the American people how six people after they die can register to vote in Pennsylvania. I want the computer system in Michigan that flipped votes from Republicans to Democrats to be looked at,” the South Carolina senator told Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures.

Graham argued that unless his Republican allies in Congress join this fight, a precedent will ultimately be set that will severely hinder the chances of another Republican president ever having a fair shot at winning the White House in the future.

“So to my Republican colleagues out there: We have to fight back or we will accept our fate,” he said, explaining that he believes Trump is justified in his fight because “there’s a lot of shenanigans going on.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee chairman added that Biden’s lead is dwindling in some key battlegrounds. “President Trump should not concede,” he told Fox, “we’re down to 10,000 votes in Georgia, he’s going to win North Carolina, we’ve gone from 93,000 votes to 20,000 votes in Arizona, where there are more votes to be counted.”

Contrasting opinions

As The Hill reports, Graham is joined by a long list of Republicans who believe Trump should continue his legal battles so that decisions can be made as far as whether he should consider conceding the election.

But some Republicans, like Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, have already gone on record in contrast to Graham’s outlook on the matter, suggesting that the president should begin to consider his political fate based on the will of the American voting public.

“They do want to see a change in leadership in the White House apparently at this stage,” Romney said Sunday, according to The Hill. “And so it’s a message which says, ‘All right, a change in leader,’ but we’re not going to be turning a sharp left turn, in terms of public policy.”

No matter what happens at the very end, Trump supporters know that the president they elected in 2016 is a fighter — and there’s a slim chance he’s going down in 2020 without a fight.

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